Put this one under the uber lucky tab. Now, I am a big dude. Standing at 6 foot 6 inches, I am tall for someone of asian decent to say the least. Some time ago one of my nephews had a birthday party at an ice rink, or an ice skating birthday party, so my wife and I volunteered to take him, since we can both skate and his parents can’t. Now for a tall dude, I have pretty big feet. It goes without saying. Long story short, they did not have skates in my size (shoe size 15), and I was stuck in the sidelines watching everyone have fun.

It’s hard enough to find size 15 shoes, it’s quite frustrating. I tried shopping around for skates, but outside of spending at a minimum of $400.00 to get something in my size.

Fast forward to yesterday, Paragon Sports has it’s annual (or was it semi-annual) warehouse sale where things go for 50-80% off.  Long story short, I got a pair of Bauer Vapor X30, which originally sell for $69.99 for $16.50.  Uber discounted sale FTW!!!!!



Now I need to re-learn how to skate

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