Day: September 10, 2015

Random Photo Of The Day – Square Filled Goodness

I went to Doughnut Plant. Nuff’ said.


PB & B


Put this one under the uber lucky tab. Now, I am a big dude. Standing at 6 foot 6 inches, I am tall for someone of asian decent to say the least. Some time ago one of my nephews had a birthday party at an ice rink, or an ice skating birthday party, so my wife and I volunteered to take him, since we can both skate and his parents can’t. Now for a tall dude, I have pretty big feet. It goes without saying. Long story short, they did not have skates in my size (shoe size 15), and I was stuck in the sidelines watching everyone have fun. (more…)

Random Photo Of The Day – Peter’s Denial

Was browsing through all my photos and found this photo I took of a chicken sandwich.  It was ordered by my god daughter while we were at “The Priest” and is called Peter’s Denial.  Good one, guys!  I’m wondering if bacon can be added, but I need to check out this sandwich at my earliest.