Day: September 23, 2015


October Calendar

October Calendar

The Big Cheese (jezzanorris) and Canadian Cheese (cdn_villain) have issued themselves a challenge that is called Alphabet Soup.  The first series of posts will start on Thursday October 1.  Here’s what it’s all about: (more…)

Where Is Garfield Now? A Visit To “The Big Onion”


Garfield jumping and urging me to take a pic of him at the Willis (ummm…it should be Sears!) Tower. Explains why he’s blurry.

Chicago is definitely one of the best North American cities that Garfield and I have ever visited. Friendly people, great food, fantastic shopping and awesome nightlife!  Oh, and I failed to mention Chicago has one of the most spectacular skylines on the face of this planet!  As with most big cities, traffic can be terrible and parking is very expensive! Read on to find out why the city might be coined, “The Big Onion”. Where Is Garfield Now?