October Calendar

October Calendar

The Big Cheese (jezzanorris) and Canadian Cheese (cdn_villain) have issued themselves a challenge that is called Alphabet Soup.  The first series of posts will start on Thursday October 1.  Here’s what it’s all about:

Every day of October (and spilling a bit into November, excluding Saturdays and Sundays) starting on the 1st, Big and Canadian will post a photo of anything using any available gadget.  Take a look at the calendars, above and below.  The photo can be of anything that starts with the letter of the day, for example for A: We can use Avenue or Apple (These words will not be used now since I’ve “used them here).

November Calendar

November Calendar

We can use any camera to capture the photo, but there are a couple restrictions:

  1. The photo cannot be taken before the day of posting.
  2. The photo must be taken and posted on the same day.

We expect our “Alphabet Soup” posts to appear during the evening of the letter being highlighted.  We’re still determining the exact time to put them up, very likely 9 PM, Eastern time zone.

We do welcome fellow bloggers and readers to participate in our challenge to come up with their own photos and share their posts as replies to our own!  (We might also be setting up an instagram account for this specific challenge.  More on that as we get to work on it.)   We also invite participants to add a caption to their posts (with the use of Bacon wherever possible – haha!)

If you want to keep up with us and don’t know what letter we are on, I will be putting up the calendar in each of my posts.

“Happy to take a Snappy!”

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