WIGN Garfield – Crashing a Party

Garfield managed to hitch a ride in a camera bag and found himself in a reception party.  Guess what the cat found?

Garfield finds Lasagna!

Garfield finds Lasagna!

Where is Garfield Now?

Snappy Facts:

Lasagna is believed to have its origins from the city of Naples (Campania) in Italy, where the first modern recipe was created and published in Liber de Coquina (the book of cookery.). The wide, flat-shaped pasta is possibly one of the oldest types of pasta.

In Ancient Rome, a cookbook describes a dish similar to the traditional lasagna called “lasana” or “lasanum” (the Latin word for container or pot).  There are many theories behind the development of the modern recipe.  One of them proposed that the dish is British in origin, but tomatoes were not introduced to the dish until after the discovery of America. (source: Wikipedia)

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