Earworm: Best Song Ever – One Direction

Yes, yes, I am posting about One Direction.  Ever since this song came out, it has been stuck to my head, and even worse, I made a video montage of a vacation this past summer, and used this as the musical background.  In fact, it was the theme for the week.  We dubbed it ‘Best Week Ever’, due to the fact my future nephews kept singing it all week, and it just stuck. Coupled with the fact I listened to the song a million times while cutting the footage together, since I wanted specific parts to match up to specific beats/lyrics.

I have to admit though, I am slowly becoming a fan, and I do enjoy their pop-y music.  The video is quite fun also.  I love Jonny, the studio exec, played by Louis Tomlinson.  It mimics Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder.  Anyway, enjoy it.


Tom Cruise as Les Grossman




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Burn me at the stake for this one, boys and girls.