Earworm: Read more if you want to find out the song in my brain right now.

Burn me at the stake for this one, boys and girls.

After the longest time of hearing just one One Direction song on the radio, and singing along to it with mis amigos, I’ve been doing my best to not be biased against One Direction. I don’t listen to them, and I’m not a fan of them. But. They have talent, and with my growing up process, I decided to give at least 2 other songs a listen. And the songs stuck in my head happens to be one of the two.

The Big Cheese and I have consistently mocked the troupe, calling them Juan Direction (yes, the SNL skit).


I hate myself for allowing this song to creep up on me and get stuck, much like I hate myself for that Justin Bieber song that I listened to that slowly became a part of my daily playlist.

The song is Kiss You. It’s one of their more popular songs. And honestly, I don’t hate One Direction. I hate their insane fans. Seriously, how can you be so intensely obsessed with a group of boys? “Directioners” are almost as bad as “Beliebers.” Beliebers have made death threats. Directioners just sit behind their computer screens tweeting away just about the creepiest things you will ever read about the UK troupe.

Kill me, because I listened to Kiss You and genuinely liked it.

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