Black Friday 2012 – Recap

Black Friday came and went, and what has become a tradition between Patrick and I, it was a fun, and entertaining way to find some good deals, and just do some people watching.  I normally plan on buying any one specific item on black Friday’s, only stuff that I come across, and see it as a steal.  We did make a short list based on leaked black Friday ads, and we specifically went to grab those items first before perusing for other deals.  I pretty much got most of the items on my list, and knocked off some due to other deals that we came across.

My short list: (Items in Yellow were bought, in Red, it’s still at the store)

best buy

roku hd player $40

windows 8 pro $55

siriusxm onyx $30 (dumped cause of PS3-D Monitor)


Brave $9 (dumped for Toy’s R Us Deal) (toys r us 15$)

rival hand mixer $4 (sold out)

storage bench $29 (didn’t bother)

home depot

 head lamp coast $10 

commercial electric led mini work light $4.88 (dumped just because)

husky 2 ton hydro jack $20.00 2x (only bought 1)


Kingston 120 gb SSD $80 (low end drive, better one can be had from Newegg at around the same price)


kobalt double drive $20 (only $5.00 savings, can be put on xmas list)

Radio Shack

32gb san disk usb 9.99

klipsch $25

game stop 

ghost recon $25 (can wait for it to drop $20.00 in the future)

preowned knect $40 (dumped because of PS3-D Monitor)

All in all, it was a pretty good Black Friday.  I was able to pick up a handful of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars to add to my collection, as well as a Hand Mixer, that was not really on sale.

My plans for buying a TV and a Laptop didn’t really come through, as I didn’t see a deal on a TV that was close to what I was looking for, and Laptops or computers in general seems to be the hot ticket item(s) this year.

Let’s see how I do next year.

Sony PS3-D MOnitor $99.00 – Best Buy (from $188.00)
Roku HD Player $40.00 – Best Buy (from $70.00)
San Disk 32 GB Flash Drive $10.00 – Radio Shack
Klipsch S3 Buds $24.99 – Radio Shack
Head Lamp $10.00 – Home Depot
Not shown:
Windows 8 Pro $60.00 – Best Buy (from $$80.00)
2-Ton Floor Jack $20.00 – Home Depot


No big deal, I’ll just jump down this huge gap to motivate a total stranger.
Yes, that is what this crazy Latino man did for a random skateboarder, filming for a video part.
The guy was THAT crazy, that he broke his ankle for a stranger. Next time you’re afraid to do something big, remember this guy. REMEMBER HIM.
Watch the video, okay?
Cheesecake note: Do not try this at home, by the way.

Really? Another blog?

Yeah, I did this before, and kept it up for about a month, but I was too scared of maintaining it on my own personal site.  Why do it again?  What’s different this time?  Well, I am employing my cousin as a co-editor to help with the content this time, and also, I am doing it through WordPress instead of my own domain/site, hence making maintenance a tad easier.  We will try to inform everyone of useless info, pointless pics, and perhaps, something useful and maybe even educational.  We can’t make promises though.  And seeing as it’s Friday……