Earworm: Debbie Gibson – Shake Your Love

I’m going to start off with female artist earworm.  So starting today, I will be posting up songs that I find myself bopping my head to, and end up singing the rest of the day when I hear it on the radio/satellite radio. I’ll begin with 80’s pop icon, Debbie Gibson.  We heard this on the radio at work today, and we basically had a Debbie Gibson morning, and well, I’ve been shaking my head to her love all day.  Enjoy!


Slow times and an Earworm

Hey all,


This is getting to be too frequent.  We are all just too busy, between the three of us, life keeps getting in the way.  It gets harder and harder to get some stuff up.  We do have stuff, but just haven’t been able to wrap it up.

Hopefully we can finish a few of them up.  Next week should be fun with E3, and more news on the the next gen consoles.  Also, The Last of Us drops, so maybe we can give you some stuff.  Again, we promise to give you more content, just bear with us a little bit as we try to shuffle our schedules around some.

For now I will leave you with a video of Icona Pop‘s ‘I Don’t Care’.  I have been hearing it a lot, and it’s stuck on my head.


Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #11 “Crush” by Pendulum

I remember vividly the day The Big Cheese and I saw Linkin Park at Madison Square Garden a couple of days before my birthday two years ago, February 4, 2011. The concert was nationally televised on Fuse.

What wasn’t televised, however, were the opening bands. Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Pendulum.

People I know have heard of DIOYY, but seldom do I know of anyone that has heard Pendulum before.

The guy sitting behind The Big Cheese and I didn’t stop pestering us about Pendulum. Telling us about how his sister had introduced him to the band and about how they’d be the best part of the concert. He was wrong, but nevertheless, Pendulum did turn out to be a fantastic band. Too bad they couldn’t get a good crowd reaction, the only crowd there to enjoy it was the pit.

Here’s a song from them for you to listen to.

Oh, and Pendulum has gone on hiatus.

More New Toys (again)



As I mentioned before, we are committed to bringing you more original content.  So, to go along with the Samson Go Mic I just purchased recently, I just purchased a Happauge HD PVR 2.  Now, we can give you personalized gaming footage of the games we are currently playing.  Exciting stuff, exciting stuff.



Tomb Raider is here!




After some odd system’s malfunctions at Best Buy, I finally picked up my collectors edition Tomb Raider, as well as the Limited edition guide.  After I get a quick bite to eat, I will be doing the un-boxing video, and playing it for a bit, then reporting back to you guys initial impressions.

Stay Tuned


Wild Ophelia 44% Cacao Beef Jerky Milk Chocolate Bar – Thoughts

I was doing some valentine’s day shopping at my local Wegman’s, and while at the candy aisle to pick up some Goetz Caramel Creme candy for my love, I happen to notice this little odd treat.  Beef Jerky Milk Chocolate Bar, the title states, from Wild Ophelia, and, I just had to have it.  Now, on my way home, I was imagining chunks of beef jerky in the bar itself, and getting that nice mix of sweet and salty, but I was going to be disappointed.  It was free and clear of jerky chunks, and I barely tasted the beef jerky itself.  It only had a hint of it in there, and maybe some bit and pieces of what might have been beef jerky.  It is however a nice piece of chocolate, and it’s made here in the US, using locally sourced products, and it’s organic.

If anything it’s a nice conversation piece when you have friend’s over, and it would sure be the topic of random conversation at random times.  I still much prefer Mo’s Bacon bar, but again, it hardly had chunks of bacon in it.  I think this bar, which cost around $5.xx is worth the shot.  Head on over to your local grocery shop and give it a whirl, and tell us what you think.

Here’s a quick video of me un-boxing it.


Black Friday 2012 – Recap

Black Friday came and went, and what has become a tradition between Patrick and I, it was a fun, and entertaining way to find some good deals, and just do some people watching.  I normally plan on buying any one specific item on black Friday’s, only stuff that I come across, and see it as a steal.  We did make a short list based on leaked black Friday ads, and we specifically went to grab those items first before perusing for other deals.  I pretty much got most of the items on my list, and knocked off some due to other deals that we came across.

My short list: (Items in Yellow were bought, in Red, it’s still at the store)

best buy

roku hd player $40

windows 8 pro $55

siriusxm onyx $30 (dumped cause of PS3-D Monitor)


Brave $9 (dumped for Toy’s R Us Deal) (toys r us 15$)

rival hand mixer $4 (sold out)

storage bench $29 (didn’t bother)

home depot

 head lamp coast $10 

commercial electric led mini work light $4.88 (dumped just because)

husky 2 ton hydro jack $20.00 2x (only bought 1)


Kingston 120 gb SSD $80 (low end drive, better one can be had from Newegg at around the same price)


kobalt double drive $20 (only $5.00 savings, can be put on xmas list)

Radio Shack

32gb san disk usb 9.99

klipsch $25

game stop 

ghost recon $25 (can wait for it to drop $20.00 in the future)

preowned knect $40 (dumped because of PS3-D Monitor)

All in all, it was a pretty good Black Friday.  I was able to pick up a handful of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars to add to my collection, as well as a Hand Mixer, that was not really on sale.

My plans for buying a TV and a Laptop didn’t really come through, as I didn’t see a deal on a TV that was close to what I was looking for, and Laptops or computers in general seems to be the hot ticket item(s) this year.

Let’s see how I do next year.

Sony PS3-D MOnitor $99.00 – Best Buy (from $188.00)
Roku HD Player $40.00 – Best Buy (from $70.00)
San Disk 32 GB Flash Drive $10.00 – Radio Shack
Klipsch S3 Buds $24.99 – Radio Shack
Head Lamp $10.00 – Home Depot
Not shown:
Windows 8 Pro $60.00 – Best Buy (from $$80.00)
2-Ton Floor Jack $20.00 – Home Depot