Really? Another blog?

Yeah, I did this before, and kept it up for about a month, but I was too scared of maintaining it on my own personal site.  Why do it again?  What’s different this time?  Well, I am employing my cousin as a co-editor to help with the content this time, and also, I am doing it through WordPress instead of my own domain/site, hence making maintenance a tad easier.  We will try to inform everyone of useless info, pointless pics, and perhaps, something useful and maybe even educational.  We can’t make promises though.  And seeing as it’s Friday……



  1. no, it’s i bought out the name and stuff so it’s i don’t get the ‘wordpress’ on the URL and it’s ad free.
    my old blog was the software installed on my site. I like that one better TBH, since it opens up more options, but also security is a concern.

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