Black Friday 2012 – Recap

Black Friday came and went, and what has become a tradition between Patrick and I, it was a fun, and entertaining way to find some good deals, and just do some people watching.  I normally plan on buying any one specific item on black Friday’s, only stuff that I come across, and see it as a steal.  We did make a short list based on leaked black Friday ads, and we specifically went to grab those items first before perusing for other deals.  I pretty much got most of the items on my list, and knocked off some due to other deals that we came across.

My short list: (Items in Yellow were bought, in Red, it’s still at the store)

best buy

roku hd player $40

windows 8 pro $55

siriusxm onyx $30 (dumped cause of PS3-D Monitor)


Brave $9 (dumped for Toy’s R Us Deal) (toys r us 15$)

rival hand mixer $4 (sold out)

storage bench $29 (didn’t bother)

home depot

 head lamp coast $10 

commercial electric led mini work light $4.88 (dumped just because)

husky 2 ton hydro jack $20.00 2x (only bought 1)


Kingston 120 gb SSD $80 (low end drive, better one can be had from Newegg at around the same price)


kobalt double drive $20 (only $5.00 savings, can be put on xmas list)

Radio Shack

32gb san disk usb 9.99

klipsch $25

game stop 

ghost recon $25 (can wait for it to drop $20.00 in the future)

preowned knect $40 (dumped because of PS3-D Monitor)

All in all, it was a pretty good Black Friday.  I was able to pick up a handful of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars to add to my collection, as well as a Hand Mixer, that was not really on sale.

My plans for buying a TV and a Laptop didn’t really come through, as I didn’t see a deal on a TV that was close to what I was looking for, and Laptops or computers in general seems to be the hot ticket item(s) this year.

Let’s see how I do next year.

Sony PS3-D MOnitor $99.00 – Best Buy (from $188.00)
Roku HD Player $40.00 – Best Buy (from $70.00)
San Disk 32 GB Flash Drive $10.00 – Radio Shack
Klipsch S3 Buds $24.99 – Radio Shack
Head Lamp $10.00 – Home Depot
Not shown:
Windows 8 Pro $60.00 – Best Buy (from $$80.00)
2-Ton Floor Jack $20.00 – Home Depot

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