A Very Happy Birthday

To the Big Cheese’s mother.
Right now, the Big Cheese and I are having a nice Japanese dinner at Ooka in Doylestown, PA.
He’s ordered an interesting micro brew. I can’t exactly go into detail about it now, but I’m sure he’ll talk about it soon.

Earworm: “Gangnam Style” by PSY

Okay, what? I don’t understand a word of this. I’m an American of Filipino descent. The only words of this song I understand are “Heeeeeeeey, sexy lady!” That’s it. But that doesn’t stop Gangnam Style from being today’s Earworm. I hate Korean dramas. I hate Chinese dramas. I hate Filipino dramas. I hate all Asian dramas. Except maybe Japanese anime. That’s something mostly every Asian loves. But then there’s the music. Chinese power ballads. J-pop. K-pop. WHAT IS THIS?! All things Korean have taken over the minds of my generation, but thankfully, it hasn’t caught up to me. I first caught wind of this song when JustKiddingFilms (A YouTube group of film makers, known for being hilarious) made a parody of the song. It definitely helped that the extremely gorgeous Geo Antoinette (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4bc4nMujn1qc06bjo1_500.jpg) and the insanely hot Holly Lee (http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrg3y1Xgk81qa4jmro1_500.png) are in the video. But it’s really funny, so here it is. And then, I saw a picture on Facebook posted by WongFuProductions (Another YouTube group of film makers, known for being hilarious and very dramatic). This is said picture. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/540362_10150981849136767_88683596_n.jpg This post led to another parody video called Gundam Style. They replaced all the faces with Gundam heads. Now THAT, is hilarious. Oh, and here is the actual video and song.  The girls in this video aren’t too bad, either. Heh. And finally, the English translation to the song. Within the comments section on YouTube, I learned that oppa is what some girls call a love interest in Korea, because it makes the guy feel manly. And Gangnam is a suburb of Seoul, so Gangnam style is the style of Gangnam. Yes. That literal.