Random Photo Of The Day – Peter’s Denial

Was browsing through all my photos and found this photo I took of a chicken sandwich.  It was ordered by my god daughter while we were at “The Priest” and is called Peter’s Denial.  Good one, guys!  I’m wondering if bacon can be added, but I need to check out this sandwich at my earliest.


Random Photo Of The Day – Banh Mi Boys

Went to a Vietnamese sandwich shop some time last month and this was what my girlfriend ordered.  Rice bun, veggies and a decent sized strip of Pork Belly.  Jezza, eat your heart out!


A proper review of this tasty number whenever I get a chance to revisit.

Alvin’s Food Follies – “It’s a HAM-burger, You Fat Pig! Holy Chuck!”


I was on my way home from work yesterday and was hankering for something to eat.  Lucky for me I had some time to pass by the food tents that were setup in front of Union Station in Toronto. One of those tents were “Holy Chuck.”  The restaurant


Random Flickr Photo of the Day – October 23, 2012


With Thanksgiving practically around the corner, I thought I’d remind everyone (at least for those in the United States) of the awesome food that we will all be consuming.

This was from 2 years ago.  I have yet to process my photos from last year’s Thanksgiving, which I think I should…….=/

Turkey and pork

I’m hungry already