Random Flickr photo of the Day – October 3, 2012

My then usual nightly beverage, well it still is technically, but now instead of a Venti, it’s a Trenta. What is it?
it’s a passion Iced tea, no water, light on the ice, 2 equals. My home Starbucks, in Branchburg, NJ is the only place that gets it right, well, most of the barista’s get the mix right, although now, some have moved on, the newer ones still haven’t quite got the mixture right.

This drink I order from here exclusively, as they are the only ones to get it right.

My usual

Pentax K20D
Pentax M50
0.5 sec.
50 mm
ISO 200

Random Flickr Photo of the Day – September 19, 2012

This is one of the shots from my failed attempt at doing a 365 series titled ‘Where is Garfield Now?’ or WIGN for short. The basic premise was to shoot a Garfield Pez dispenser in different places/scenarios for 365 days. It was totally random, and it all started when I picked up a Garfield Pez dispenser at a garage sale. I did over 150 odd some days. I do have about a dozen unposted shots, but after falling behind in posting it, I ended up scrapping the whole thing.

I’ve been meaning to do it again since, but just haven’t found the main subject as appealing as Garfield.

Anyway, this was Day 28 and the description I put was as follows;

“Garfield decided just to stay at home today, and chill w/ some buddies.
He also told Optimus and Soundwave that the new movie didnt wiggle his tail, unlike the first one.

(I was stuck at home….so i know, this was a lame one)

Where is Garfield now?

Day 28: Kingswood village @ B-burg, NJ”

WIGN - Day 28

Random Flickr Photo of the day

Another oldy, but goody. ¬†Shot in 2009 with my trusty old Pentax K-20D (honestly, I don’t know why I don’t use this body more often), it’s a simple shot of an old door at my aunt’s place, leaning, spent, and well used.

I don’t have much else of a story behind this shot, I just found it visually pleasing.