Random Flickr photo of the day – October 24, 2012

Superman and Lois

One of the best look a likes for Superman I have seen, and Lois is not far off either. Even Lex Luthor in the background is pretty close. I later found out from a friend in Florida, that he does this a lot, and he actually knew him. Small world eh?

Superman and Lois

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24-70mm
40 mm
ISO 2000
+1/3 EV

Random Flickr photo of the day – October 18, 2012

Awesome Eyes

Shot during last years New York City Comic Con (yeah, LAST YEAR, I missed this years due to procrastination and amnesia), I saw her while on my way out for a quick break. I forget which character she was from, but she had different coloured contact lenses for each eyes, and it just look awesome. Had to get a close up.

Great Eyes

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24-70mm
Nikon SB900
32 mm
ISO 500
+1/3 EV
Flash had Gary Fong’s Lightsphere attached

Sans NYCC 2012

It is my deep regret that I just wrote a blog will NOT be attending this year’s New York City Comic Con.  Due to procrastination, and pretty much a total disregard for time, I was unable to purchase tickets for this years event.  Basically, I forgot it was coming up, and when I had time to go get tickets, it was pretty much sold out.  Hopefully we will be able to go to other similar events, and next year, we will have a better online presence to provide everyone with a complete or near complete coverage of the event.



Most viewed Flickr photo of the day

And today’s most viewed photograph from my Flickr photostream with a whopping 5 views is….

Duela Dent

Oh yeah, very sexy. I’d like to see her without the make up.

 Again, like yesterday’s photo, this was shot at last years New York Comic Con.  At first I thought she was a femme-Joker, but I was quickly told it was Duela Dent.

I can’t wait for the Comic Con this year.  Hopefully we will bring you some awesome images, and maybe even some video.

Know your “swag.”

Swag. We’ve all heard of it. People wearing snapbacks and Air Jordan retro’s and what not. But here’s the thing. Rarely will you find one who understands what the brands stand for.

Cheesecake Note: As far as The Big Cheese and I are concerned, swag is the free goodies we get at conventions. It is widely known as that and we shall stick to it.

Everyone knows that Air Jordans were the shoes popularized by The Air Man himself, and they are sold for hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Hats, whether fitted or adjustable, are made by several brands, like New Era and Starter. These brands took root in sports. New Era for baseball caps, Jordans for basketball sneakers… But what about those other brands? Can’t leave them dry, can you? They have backgrounds, too! Some in skateboarding, some in music, some in art. Know your swag.

*This article does not contain EVERY “swag” brand out there, and the summaries are just that; summaries. So if you want to find out more about brands, do some research and support!