rock music

Earworm: “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis

Ah, rock and roll. The good old image of unkempt men, playing their loud music in small rooms, thrashing venues and getting chicks.

This song is just fantastic. The catchy chorus that is easily sung can improve anyone’s mood.

It reminds me of The Strokes and maybe The Killers.

Have a listen. (I’d advise opening a new tab while listening to this, the video is NSFW due to its sexual nature and semi-nudity. Plus the band doesn’t look too appealing. But their musical skills are great. so listen.)

Earworm: “The Suburbs” by Arcade Fire/(Remix by Mr Little Jeans)

I first heard the remix while watching a skateboarding video, and I decided to do a little digging. The song was actually an Arcade Fire song, and the originally sung by a man. The remix has a female’s voice. Both versions are amazing, I don’t have a preference. The original is more lighthearted, while the remix is more techno-ish.
(Wow, this is a surprise to me. Indie music is rising in my genre collection. I’m taking a liking to it. Oh well. Broadening my horizon, unlike a certain Mr. Bruce…)

Anyway, here is the video for the original song by Arcade Fire.

And the cover/remix by Mr Little Jeans.

Did I forget to mention that the cover/remix video has Alessandra Ambrosio in it? Yes? Well now you know.