rock and roll

Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #4 “Under Cover of Darkness” by The Strokes

I don’t care what people say, The Strokes have always been a good band, and they consistently make good music, and they don’t give any shits at all. Which makes them rock ‘n’ roll.

Under Cover of Darkness, off their most scrutinized album, Angles, has made it to number 4 on my Top 30 list. The music video for this song truly makes no sense, as none of their videos ever really do, IMO.

The song is stellar, and it actually is one of their top hits on their artist’s page on Spotify.

Have a go.

Top 30 Favorite Songs of All Time: #16 “Someday” by The Strokes

I remember first hearing this song on the soundtrack for MLB 07: The Show, the baseball game with David Wright on the cover. Man, this song was good, has been good, and I have a feeling that to me, it will always be good.

This gem is off of their album, Is This It.


The Strokes have slowly been climbing on my favorite artists ladder, too.

If this list were actually structured, this would definitely be in the top 5.

Enjoy the song!

Earworm: “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis

Ah, rock and roll. The good old image of unkempt men, playing their loud music in small rooms, thrashing venues and getting chicks.

This song is just fantastic. The catchy chorus that is easily sung can improve anyone’s mood.

It reminds me of The Strokes and maybe The Killers.

Have a listen. (I’d advise opening a new tab while listening to this, the video is NSFW due to its sexual nature and semi-nudity. Plus the band doesn’t look too appealing. But their musical skills are great. so listen.)