Flickr Random Photo of the Day – Sunrise

It’s been a week since I was out enjoying the waves and the sun and I haven’t been able to adjust back to normalcy.  Having said that, it pains me to look at my vacation photos since I wished I was still there.  I did happen to open up Lightroom though and I just so happen to close it at one particular sunrise session I did.  One of the shots below, which I am not too crazy on, but I am sharing with y’all anyway.  More from this set to come soon!


Yes, it’s not tack, and somehow I managed to unsettle this 1.3 second exposure.


Alvin’s Gadget Follies – Samsung Galaxy S6 Randomness

I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S6 for over a couple months and still can’t stop raving about the camera on the device.


I didn’t  realize just how many photos I have taken with it (well over 600) and I think it I am still discovering more surprises with it.


Snappy Fridays – Killbear Sunset (Taken By the Samsung Galaxy S6)

wpid-wp-1438922712555 (1)

“Snappy” Fact: The landscape where this photo was taken (Killbear Provincial Park) may have served as a source of inspiration for the Group of Seven.


Alvin’s Gadget Follies – One Month With The Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Booting Up

Galaxy S6 Booting Up

So it’s been a little over a month with my (then new) Samsung Galaxy S6 from Rogers.  Since my purchase of this white, 64 GB model, I have gotten a simple Griffin bumper cover for it.  The “honeymoon” is over and I’m taking some time here to share my thoughts on the device, so far.


Use your Dual Shock 3 with your Android phone..

…as long as it’s an Xperia from Sony.  One reason I never played more games than the usual bubble blast type or puzzle matching game on my phone was due to the fact that virtual controls suck ass.  I just need the physical feel of a click, something tactile.  I tried, I tried many times, but I just end up getting frustrated.  But now, Sony will be allowing us to pair up our trusty old DS3 controllers with our Xperia devices.  Sadly, I don’t have an Xperia phone, but that’s just a slight technicality.  I’m sure someone out there will be able to make it work on other Android handsets.  Of course there’s the Samsung BT controller coming out soon, but it’s shaped like an XB360 controller, and I prefer Sony’s offerings.


Watch the video..





At long last Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for VZW Galaxy Nexus!


Finally received the OTA for the next iteration of Android Jelly Bean, 4.2.2. Its been a week since it has been announced for Verizon Nexus handsets and several months since it has been released. I will have to play with it more but at first glance, loving the new improvements.

Did anyone else get the OTA?

Update: Here’s a list of the changes as released by Verizon


Android 4.2.2 finally arriving to Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners!


At long last Jelly Bean 4.2.2 is finally being rolled out in phases for Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners. Its been some time since this came out and us Verizon folk were left on the outside looking in. Expect an OTA notification to come soon. I cannot wait. I’m going to be hitting that update button endlessly.