Galaxy S4 announced

Samsung announced tonight its new flagship phone, the Galaxy SIV in NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. It touts a faster processor and a thinner body. Click on the link below for more info.

I’m going to read up on it more and see what’s what. I may have found my next phone.


    1. Meh….I’m not surprised…there have been 2 DINC releases since. Remember we are on Verizon too, so….The S4 seems more like a 3.5 than anything, but regardless it will be a great phone….I could very well be a Galaxy S3s LoL =P

      1. yeah, but it’s not just with the dinc2, it’s the thunderbolt, the rezound, the one x (their flagship, next to the dna/butterfly on verizon and japan and the one)
        true, they’re really taking the route of Apple here. Smart move, Samsung

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