At long last Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for VZW Galaxy Nexus!


Finally received the OTA for the next iteration of Android Jelly Bean, 4.2.2. Its been a week since it has been announced for Verizon Nexus handsets and several months since it has been released. I will have to play with it more but at first glance, loving the new improvements.

Did anyone else get the OTA?

Update: Here’s a list of the changes as released by Verizon



  • Snap Google Street view-style 360 degree panoramic photos.
  • Share photo spheres on Google+ or Google Maps.


  • Thumbnail icon has been added to the top right corner of the screen.
  • Date display area has been updated.
  • This will expand to a Quick Access grid. (for example: Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi settings)


  • As user places widgets on the home screen, everything else on the screen automatically resizes to make room for the new widget


  • Long press the camera key to view the new camera UI and pinch and zoom with two fingers instead of the slider


  • Calendar, Gmail and Clock widgets are now available on lock screen


  • Enhanced Accessibility
    • Enable screen magnification to easily zoom or pan the entire screen
    • User can enter full-screen magnification with a triple-tap on the screen
  • Widgets automatically resize on user’s Home Screen
  • Google Now shortcut has been changed and relocated to bottom of lock screen
  • Daydream
    • Display useful information when idle or locked
    • Show off your photo albums and get the latest news from Google Currents
  • A smarter keyboard
    • Gesture Typing allows you to glide your finger over the letters you want to type, and lift after each word
    • The keyboard can anticipate and predict the next word, so you can finish entire sentences just by selecting suggested words

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