Random Flickr photo of the day – November 16, 2012

Chocolate Covered Onion

This is out there, and yes, the thought of onions and chocolate is not quite appealing, my buddy and I had to try this. It was very dissapointing. The chocolate crumbled off when you took a bite, and the skin was still on. I think if they used smaller onions where you can just pop it in your mouth whole would’ve worked better.

This shot was also included in Womensday.com’s online article about wierd chocolate covered foods. I think if it had bacon, it would be better.
Best way I can describe this is, if you bit an onion, and took a bite out of a Hershey chocolate bar.

Chocolate Covered Onion

Nikon D700
Nikkor 60mm
60 mm
ISO 4000

This is also one of my most viewed shots on Flickr, and it’s gotten a lot ‘ew’ comments when I show them the photo.

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