Day: December 23, 2012

Earworm: “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz

Funny rap songs. I’m in.

Funny rap songs with meaning behind them? Even better.

The last verse of this catchy and hilarious song actually makes so much sense. Why pay so much money to buy something that won’t even make you look unique? It’s not like buying expensive clothes get you the ladies (or men, or, hell, both). Yeah, the style might help.

But why pay full price? Thrift Shop. This is fucking awesome.

This earworm is literally embedded in my head. I can’t stop singing the hook, and the rapping is actually really smooth. I can dig it.


Holiday Shopping

So I got my shopping done in a day.  Granted it was 3 days before Christmas, but I got it done in a day.  15 gifts, and under-budget, and my area not being THAT overly crowded, it was a good shopping day.  I just got annoyed with all the driving.  I added about 100 miles yesterday just going from store to store.  I even got myself some nice holiday treats.

Anyway, a small comic for everyone.



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