Hey kids. So after a month or so of virtually nothing we finally get some little morsels of MGS news. This post will be a roundup if you will, of the current events that have happened thus far related to anything Metal Gear. Lets get to it.


It looks like NA isn’t the only region that will have gotten their hands on the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection (MGS LC for short). Europe will be the next recipient of this archived collection of past canonical* MGS titles. As with the NA release Europe will also be getting Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid (download), VR Missions (download), Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD, and the Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2 digital graphic novels. The art book will also accompany this collection and will be strictly for PS3 owners. I say the more the merrier. Everyone should get to enjoy MGS as a whole series. Though Xbox 360 owners will be left in the dark. At least they have the HD Collection, which also contains Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake


In MGSV news it turns out that gameplay will be turned up a few notches. Through Twitter Kojima has let out that element of classic gameplay like crawling will make a comeback. Crawling was and is a staple in the MGS series which was sorely missed in PW. Though if any if you have watched the previous trailers you can see Snake crawling past enemy territory while attempting to save Miller. Some newer elements also make a return. As with MGS Peace Walker, players will be able to CQC enemies into the wall, though Kojima stated that it’ll be more realistic as opposed to the cartoony nature of the action. Kojima said that he was targeting PSP users and didn’t want to make throwing enemies against a wall to look too violent. I actually enjoyed how it looked during the animation so this intended realism is much welcome. Kojima also expressed that players will be able to literally take away an enemy’s weapon and use it against them on the spot as opposed to MGS4 where enemy weapons were ID tagged so you couldn’t use them right away. I say that’s another bonus for us players. It also adds to the realism and is a more contemporary way to solve that ID tagged weapon issue.





Kojima has been known to implement himself in his MGS titles as a signature to the series. The last time he did this was in Peace Walker where he was actually a recruitable character. Kojima in these pics is wearing a mocap suit and looks to be doing some scenes for MGSV. As for which character he’s to play is up for debate, though the shot where he’s sitting behind a wall with his legs sprawled out is slightly reminiscent of that rescue scene with Snake finding Miller behind a brick facing looking battered and disheveled. Perhaps Kojima will be playing just some random character. Time will tell.

In a slightly disheartening move Kojima will be giving a gameplay demo at the opening of the Los Angeles branch of Kojima Productions. What’s so disheartening about that, you ask? Well only the fact that it apparently won’t be streamed for public consumption so its for privileged eyes only. It makes me sad and nonplussed due to the fact that any info at all about MGSV is very scarce or only come in short bursts at best. It can make even the biggest MGS fan lose interest amidst the many other quality games out there today.


In MGS Peace Walker news it seems that services for its DLC will cease and desist in 30 days. September 30th to be in fact. So for those of you who have the PSP version of Peace Walker and don’t have all the DLC offerings for it, which include camo, music, and magazines, you have a bit of time before it all comes to a close in the next few weeks. Owners of the MGS HD versions of PW on console won’t have to worry as all DLC is included. That also goes for MGS LC.


There finally has been some resurgence in talks lately of an MGS movie. Avi Arad, producer of the Spider-Man and Xmen movies, as well as the other Marvel outings, has expressed that he wants to tap the MGS universe to make an actual movie happen. Arad has said the same thing about other video game franchises and wants to include Metal Gear Solid on his list. This is probably going against every diehard MGS fan out there but being a big MGS fan myself I’d like to see this happen. It could turn out to be awesome. Lets all stay positive.

Well that’s it for now on this roundup. Hopefully we get more news as time permits. Stay tuned.


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