Game Informer Gives Their MGSV Playthrough Impressions


Game Informer is getting the ball rolling on their MGSV Ground Zeroes scoop. Tim Turi and Dan Ryckert of Game Informer took a trip to Japan where they got to spend a few hours with the near final build of MGSV GZ and gave their first impressions in video format. They talk at length about how relatively short the main campaign is, touched on the price of the game to the consumers, and even compared it to MGS2’s Tanker Mission.


They also bring up some points about MGS Peace Walker, but nothing too spoiler filled. But if you are a bit apprehensive you can skip those parts. I always seem to stress this when PW comes up, but players who haven’t played through it yet will definitely benefit from doing so because it is directly tied to Ground Zeroes. Though the GI guys say that gamers new to MGS that will start with MGSV won’t get too lost in translation. I still say play Peace Walker because it’s just that awesome. Plus, aside from PSP, it’s on the Vita as well as for PS3 and 360, so there are no excuses.


The video also talks about the Side Ops included in the game. You’ll also see bits and pieces of gameplay from none other than Kojima himself. The clip altogether is about 15 minutes so it’s a good watch. Also great is the fact that they, Tim and Dan, express great enthusiasm toward the game. These two are true gamers like us and it shows by their shared experiences and occasional chuckles.



The Phantom Pain, which at this point is still sadly a ways off, is also talked about throughout the video. All I can say is, LUCKY! They got to try it before it releases this March 18th for all viable consoles. I’ll be waiting with baited breath, haha. Expect more news as it happens. Till then…

Stay classy…

Source: Game Informer

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