Kit Kat Lands on Verizon HTC Ones

Hot off the heels of Sprints Kit Kat update on its HTC One variant, Verizon, surprisingly is 2nd to push out the Android 4.4.2 update among US carriers. If anyone recalls, Verizon was the last to push out the last Jelly Bean update (4.3) to it’s HTC One by about a month after the other 3 major US carriers. HTC itself said late last year that it will deliver Kit Kat to carrier One variants at the end of January, but with certification process taking a bit more time than they had anticipated, they retracted the end of January delivery date, and pushed it to sometime in February.

Sprint released their updates last week, and now Verizon is following suit some days later (about a week if not less). A tweet from @moversi of HTC announcing that they had received technical approval, and @VZWnews tweeting that it will start OTA in stages. I read this kinda late, and I am still downloading the update as I type this. But anyway, Verizon One customers rejoice! Hit that update button and get some sweet Kit Kat lovin’

Kit Kat!

Kit Kat!


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