WTF: What The Flap?!


Alright, so this game, developed in Hanoi by Vietnam-based developer Nguyễn Hà Đông[3][4] and published by .GEARS Studios, a small, independent game developer, called Flappy Bird, has been making the rounds lately on Andy and Apple.

Thanks to Cheesecake, I along with Big Cheese, have been spending occasional moments angrily tapping away at out mobile screens. If you’ve been hiding under a rock here’s the short of it: Flappy Bird is a stupid simple game where you navigate a little bird through a side scrolling maze of Super Mario Bros pipes by just tapping the screen. It’s like a cartoony version of the browser game called Helicopter Game. Both the same simple mechanics, but Flappy requires you to constantly tap the screen to avoid obstacles where’s Helicopter makes you hold a button down and let go just at the right time.


As simple games go they often require a lot of skill and the time to hone those skills. The irony is such that frustration often creeps up as soon as you realize that this dumb looking 8 bit game is harder that you thought. The term RAGE QUIT was practically wrought from games of this nature. In any case, Flappy can get pretty addicting if you’re the kind of person with that ONE MORE TIME itch to scratch. But once you cross a certain threshold after many failed attempted to get that better score it’s time to RAGE QUIT. I’d also go as far as to RAGE DELETE a few of my apps in the past. Yes folks, some apps/games can be THAT FRUSTRATING. Like once you’re passed that livid boiling point you just DELETE that game forever into oblivion, till you calm down enough to reinstall the game because, Shit, you CANNOT and WILL NOT let this Fucking game destroy you!


There are already a fleet of clones on Google Play and the AppStore, but the one that stands out from them isn’t even of mobile fare. It’s a browser game called Squishy Bird. It looks pretty much like Flappy only with the exact opposite premise. Instead of trying to fly through a series of SMB pipes the player taps a keyboard button to smash the Shit out of any and every bird that tries to bobble past the green tubes. If one bird passes through it’s game over. Funny, it’s quite satisfying. What I like to do though is keep pressing the button to hold a bunch of those pesky little turds at bay and then let them all try to fly at once where I can DESTROY about 5 at a time. Yes, satisfying. 


A couple of notes of distinction I’d like to point out are that I do have Flappy on both my Andy and iOS devices. And while they are the same game, there are differences. At least to me anyway. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this game seems to play better on my Andy than on my 4S. The colors are richer and the FPS smoother. Also, the UI is just slightly better on Andy. The small handicap is that my HTC device has a much larger screen real estate of 4.7″ versus the 3.5″ on my iPhone which might make for a better experience.





All this might be a lot to say about a stupid game such as this but the irony still sticks. I’ve downloaded Flappy on two devices. So I guess I’m twice as dumb for having done so. But the fact of the matter is, this game has shot up the mobile gaming charts, and apparently has garnered $50K a day in ad revenue. $50 FUCKING K!!! How often can a game about tapping on your mobile device’s screen make you rethink your chosen career path? Not a whole Fucking lot, I’ll tell you that.

In any case actually downloading Flappy Bird won’t set you back any money as it’s a free app across the board. The only thing you might tender is your sanity. So if you’re up to it you can give it a go. It’s actually more fun when you get a couple of friends involved to see who can score the most points. If you guys and gals already have Flappy then let us know what you think in the comments below!


it looks like the classic Helicopter Game is also available on the Google Play store. And yes, it’s free.


iOS just pushed an update to their version of Flappy Bird. Now everything looks and plays the same whether on Andy or iOS. I suppose Andy received the update first before making it to Apple. At any rate, Tap away!


Seems that the Vietnam based developer of .GEARS Studios is calling it quits and actually removing the game from Google Play and AppStore. His reasons are quite frankly ridiculous as he apparently cannot handle the stress of success and the $50K A DAY that his app has bestowed upon him. Honestly, this is utter nonsense. Why not do something positive with the added success? Because using this as an excuse is just Fucking idiotic at best. But whatever.


Links: .GEARS Studios ° Flappy Bird ° Google Play ° iTunes ° HelicopterGame.Net ° Squishy Bird ° Polygon

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