A Quicky Of Me Playing MGS: Peace Walker

Here’s me doing a really REALLY quick bootleg capture of Peace Walker. I miss knocking on walls as misdirection to fool these guards. Also, the CQC in PW is one of the post intuitive systems in any MGS thus far, predating Ground Zeroes. PW is easily one of the best MGS games to have been made. I have over 100+hrs accrued since it’s release in 2010 and I STILL haven’t finished it 100%! Here’s a YouTube user’s clip of Consecutive CQC. For me it’s a smoother seqience, transitioning from one soldier to the next.

The Consecutive CQC in GZ is cool but seems too quick-cut and shaky-cam. Not a complaint by any means, just a mere observation. I’ll put up a quicky of Portable Ops next time to show you the mechanics and how it is essentially MGS3 for PSP.

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