HAR HAR HAR: Remember Me ‘Half Assed Review’

[Let’s face it. Time is just something not a lot of us have on our side. Especially when it comes to gaming. It’s difficult to squeeze in a nice chunk of time to properly give a typical review, but Something is better than nothing. AMIRITE?? This is where HAR HAR HAR comes in. Or rather, “Half Assed Reviews.” It’s our version of a review, only, um, Half Assed. Enjoy!]


If the title of this game were posed as a question then I’d answer with a big YES, I DO REMEMBER! Release in June 2013 by DONTNOD, I recollect Remember Me well. I was looking forward to this title for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s a new IP from a company that I’m not all too familiar with. I like giving new games a chance if they appeal to me. Secondly, it’s set in a futuristic Paris in 2084. I enjoy cyberpunk anything. Thirdly, it’s a 3PV (third person view) style game with a female protagonists. I feel the world would be just that much better with more games about cyberpunky things who have strong female characters causing a ruckus. Now come the bullet points.

– Visuals look good

– Gameplay is reminiscent of Uncharted fame, though more closely resemble Enslaved

– Movement is OK, it’s more derivative of a typical 3PV

– Platforming sections remind me of Uncharted as mentioned, as well as Tomb Raider, though slightly less smooth

– The world is beautiful and rich but too many invisible walls prevent substantial exploration

– the NPCs are plentiful but don’t offer much interaction which would be great for acquiring more information about the game world

– Combat is customizable which is a nice touch since you are in control of how to take out baddies you come across. Group battles are akin to Batman Arkham “add title here” although not as solid as Bats

– Story wise it’s got your main female protagonists trying to fight to get her memories back which were taken from her while erasing, or more specifically REMIXING the memories of those who did this to her along the way

– The real meat of Remember Me is that REMIXING capability which I JUST got to


I had to cut it short here but will resume at a later time. But initially, the game seems fun. Well fun enough to get me to put together a Half Assed Review on it. I acquired this game for dirt cheap at a flash sale but it’s also available to PLAYSTATION PLUS subscribers for F R E E. If any of you are strapped for cash and are a PS+ user like me then I suggest you give this title a go. Won’t cost you a cent.*

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