Jezza’s Film Follies (Kodak Ektar Edition)


A flower starting to whittle away.

Shooting black and white is fun and all, but, I do have a soft spot for colours. I mean, we do see colour everyday.  So, after polishing off the Ilford PanF, I popped in a roll of Kodak’s Ektar 100.  Well actually, I had dropped off the Ilford for developing at CRC at the start of my lunch hour, and that left me with an unloaded camera.  So I stopped by Fotocare, and picked up Kodak’s Ektar 100.

Like with the PanF, I was shooting with my Nikon F100 with the Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D mounted.  That combination is as sweet as it gets.

Having a roll under my belt, I was more than confident that the ISO was at the proper speed (100 and not 50), and still quite unsure as to how the PanF came out, I was maybe 25% cautious at tackling these shots.


My nephew offering me his treat.

As you can see in the few shots I chose to include on this post, the Ektar gives out fantastic colours, and a very organic feel.  Something you can’t get with digital.  Sure an argument can be made with the various filter packs that are available out there, but I still think there’s just a little bit of something that an actual emulsion gives to the shot, rather than an emulated feel/look.

Maybe one day, Alvin and I will do a thorough comparison on digital and film, and see how the shots feel on both platforms.

At some point, I took the 50mm off and put on my 24mm F/2.8D.  Shooting wide again having and shot for the better part of the month with the 50mm was like a whole new world.  So much more field of view.

What can I say, I like the flat Iron building.

What can I say, I like the flat Iron building.

I have to say, the Ektar will probably be my go to film.  I have a couple of Fuji’s that I need to try out still, but this Ektar has the look that suits my style.

I can’t wait to load up my other roll in the near future.

With it getting late in the day, ISO 100 just isn't forgiving with this little light.

With it getting late in the day, ISO 100 just isn’t forgiving with this little light.

Tulip Patch

Lovely, lively colours.

I know Alvin picked up a roll of this as well. He’s been on a black and white kick still, but hopefully he’ll soon give this emulsion a try.

As always, please give us a like or throw us some comments on what you think of this film or if you have any questions.



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