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Team Four Star Dragon Ball Z Parodies

I first saw Dragon Ball Z right around my 2nd year of HS.  Original with sub-titles.  I was quite ecstatic when I found out they were showing it very early in the AM on some channel I cannot remember, but was utterly disappointed when I heard the English dubs.  Suffice to say, I stuck to watching my old VHS copies with the sub-titles and soon pretty much grew out of it.  DBZ has since made a pretty good run in the US, with the shows being brought on to Cartoon Network, video games coming out for various systems, and then DVD‘s and Blu-Rays.  I was happy w/ the disc versions, since I can switch to Japanese with subs.  Anyway, my cousin brought Team Four Star to my attention not too long ago, it’s an abridged version of the shows, but, they re-did the dubs, and added a ton of humor.  IT IS one of THE funniest things I have watched.  If you like DBZ, I highly suggest you check them out.  They currently have 5 seasons in I think.


This is the first episode:


and their You Tube Channel


Samurai Pizza Cats box set announced



Joy of joys, one of my favorite anime’s of all time, The Samurai Pizza Cats has a box set coming out in July of this year.  It will retail for $79.99 and it will have all 52 episodes (dubbed) on 8 DVD‘s.  Discotek Media‘s Facebook Page posted the release a few day’s ago.  This was a short lived series shown here in the US.  It’s time slot was when most kids where headed to school, so hardly anyone saw it.  This was at a time when Anime was still gaining some steam here in the US, and for some of us at the the time that were already fans, we were already enjoying such shows as the above aforementioned, Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and a few others. (I s always saw the Dragon Balls in it’s original Japanese version with Subtitles, and I never warmed to the dubbed versions.)  All of these were shown like at 5 am, and we all had to set our VCR‘s to those time slots, and they never were on for very long.  I do like the fact that Cartoon Network had the Anime Block at midnight that showed Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, and such, and even Sci-Fi was showing some classic anime films, such as Appleseed, Akira, etc.

Anyway, I am looking forward to this  box set release, and will be purchasing it as soon as I can.  I also did a post about this show not too long ago.  (see Link below. )



Thank you also to Critique4Geeks for the original info.

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