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Earworm: Ylvis – Massachusetts

From the people that asked a now nagging question on what the fox says, come’s um, an advertisement for the state of Massachusetts.  Just watch it and enjoy.  I did get confused with this one, and, well, you might be too.  Ylvis is making a big splash here.  Let’s see how long they can ride the rave.



Earworm: Britney Spears – Stronger

Wrapping up our all female Earworm week, I give to you probably my biggest pop crush back in the day.  Ms. Spears was a constant for me in my mix CD‘s, a constant in my PC wall papers, and just a constant.  Her breakout hit ‘Baby One More Time‘ had her dressed up in a catholic school girl uniform, and like so many other dudes that denied even getting a stiffy for her, I was hooked.

Her music, is not bad, not great, but not bad.  It is your typical pop, bubbly stuff, but it was catchy.  I don’t listen to her stuff much these days, as my musical taste sort of out grew her style.  In any case, I did an Earworm for ‘Baby One More Time’ already, so I give to you ‘Stronger’.  It’s only fitting since, around this time last year, super storm Sandy was creeping up on us, and a lot of the northeast USA (which is where I am) got ravaged.  Stuff was destroyed, lives were lost, but like what a part of the song say’s, ‘Stronger than yesterday’ and I think a lot of us are just that, Stronger, we survived that great tragedy, and we are stronger now than yesterday.

Earworm: Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Jimmy Kimmel – (I Wanna) Channing All Over Your Tatum

Another song that’s been stuck in my head all day, thanks to my Fiancee.  It’s another spoof/comedy video by Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, and Jimmy Kimmel.  Story goes, that Channing Tatum’s name is magic according to Jamie Foxx.  This was published a few months back, and probably a part of White House Down‘s promo run. (Entertaining movie by the way)  Watch the video, you’ll get a laugh guaranteed.  I’ve been yearning to Channing all over someone Tatum the past few days. LoL




Team Four Star Dragon Ball Z Parodies

I first saw Dragon Ball Z right around my 2nd year of HS.  Original with sub-titles.  I was quite ecstatic when I found out they were showing it very early in the AM on some channel I cannot remember, but was utterly disappointed when I heard the English dubs.  Suffice to say, I stuck to watching my old VHS copies with the sub-titles and soon pretty much grew out of it.  DBZ has since made a pretty good run in the US, with the shows being brought on to Cartoon Network, video games coming out for various systems, and then DVD‘s and Blu-Rays.  I was happy w/ the disc versions, since I can switch to Japanese with subs.  Anyway, my cousin brought Team Four Star to my attention not too long ago, it’s an abridged version of the shows, but, they re-did the dubs, and added a ton of humor.  IT IS one of THE funniest things I have watched.  If you like DBZ, I highly suggest you check them out.  They currently have 5 seasons in I think.


This is the first episode:


and their You Tube Channel


Slow times and an Earworm

Hey all,


This is getting to be too frequent.  We are all just too busy, between the three of us, life keeps getting in the way.  It gets harder and harder to get some stuff up.  We do have stuff, but just haven’t been able to wrap it up.

Hopefully we can finish a few of them up.  Next week should be fun with E3, and more news on the the next gen consoles.  Also, The Last of Us drops, so maybe we can give you some stuff.  Again, we promise to give you more content, just bear with us a little bit as we try to shuffle our schedules around some.

For now I will leave you with a video of Icona Pop‘s ‘I Don’t Care’.  I have been hearing it a lot, and it’s stuck on my head.

[youtube http://youtu.be/UxxajLWwzqY]

Boston Marathon Tragedy

I pulled this from a friends FB page. Thanks for whoever made this

I pulled this from a friends FB page. Thanks for whoever made this.

Tragedy struck today at around the 4 hour mark at this years Boston marathon.  I got word around 4:30 ish, and seeing the video shortly there after is gut wrenching.  It’s just a shame that there are monsters out there, that do such horrific things.  It’s still unknown (as of a few hours ago, I’m not sure if there any more news that came about) as to who did this, if it’s international or domestic.  I’ve photographed a few marathons in the past, and it is such an inspiring event.  Seeing people, young and old, try to conquer this physically demanding event, and something like this happens.

I cannot express how angry I am when I see such travesties happen.  We as a human race should just grow the fuck up.  Innocent by-standers, enjoying a nice day, watching their loved ones, their friends trying to accomplish something that’s one of the most physically demanding activity one can do, cheering, having a great time, but instead end up in a nightmare.  I have family up in Beantown, and luckily, they were not affected.

On behalf of myself JP (JezzaNorris), John (NekkedSnake), and Pat (Cheesecake), we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those that were affected by this brutish action.

Commuting fun….

…Well not really.  I just had a horrible trip home courtesy of the New Jersey Transit, and Amtrak.  They totally love screwing WELL paying costumers over and over and over again.  I’m just really drained at this point to even post anything coherent.

Tomorrow folks but for now, enjoy this photo of Kate Hudson