Super Saiyajin

Okay, if you’ve been following for a while…

Hold on, wait, damn, I start a lot of my posts this way.


You’d know that I’m Filipino (not exactly proud, but I’d say it if you specifically asked for my ethnicity. If you ask what am I, I’d say an American. Again, not proudly. I’d love to be English, lots of people would love to be English). [Keep reading after the break to find out what the hell I’m going on about!]

So clearly, I’m Asian. (The Philippines is in Asia, isn’t it?)

A couple of Asian stereotypes to keep in mind here. We’re all insanely huge fans of Dragon Ball (Z). That ought to be true, Dragon Ball (pardon my French) fucking rules, okay? Also, we like to bleach our black hair and get all crazy with gel. Okay, so my hair is often pretty crazy, and it is also the standard jet black hue of brown that a population of Asians are.

What I’m getting at here is that I want to bleach my hair. I want to go blonde. Kill my protein cells and look like a frickin Super Saiyajin. I want my damn power level over 9000. I don’t exactly know if I’d look good bleached, but that’s why we experiment, right? I want to bleach my hair. I WANT TO. I want it to happen so badly.


  1. Btw i find it interesting that you say you’re not a ‘proud’ flip. I used to think that way too when I was younger. I guess it’s all the western exposure. Too many puti walking around. Then I thought about it some more over the years and grew comfortable in my own skin. Still though, I’d like to have been blessed with a less ‘Asian’ head profile, I’d like to have a more well rounded back of the head. Go figure.

    1. It’s actually the opposite for me. I used to be really proud, but then after seeing how obnoxious and irritating teenage fobs are… I was all… Um, no. Thanks but no.
      I guess I’m just overtly whitewashed, but I’m okay with that. As long as I don’t lose touch with my roots

      1. Trust me its all good. I look back at some of the irritating flips I’ve encountered in my youth. Just fucking irritating. Roots are always cool. But some mannerisms, not so much. Oldskool flips love to just gossip. Ok everyone gossips to some degree but flip females, I feel, take it to new heights. Always talking about ppl behind their backs.

        I used to go to ‘Asian’ clubs back then too and ugh. I don’t know why I did it now that I think about it I feel irked. 9 times outta 10 there were fights. Everyone looks at you like they wanna fight. I mean, c’mon man.

        I was born in the Philippines but grew up here so I have westernized thinking. I have to think really hard about how to say something in Tagalog, otherwise it’s tag-lish (broken Tagalog interspersed with English for those not in the know) and my nose starts to bleed.

        The fobby ones are okay to me. It’s just that some, ok maybe at least half, are as you say very Obnoxious. There’s only so much I can take.

      2. Totally in the same boat.
        I went to one meeting of a Filipino club back in I think 5th grade. I wanted to burn myself at the stake. Never stepping foot into one if those again.
        Oh yeah. Gossip is a mainstay, a definite sign of female flip blood.
        What’s there to do about it but complain and laugh, though haha

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