pentax da 10-17mm

Random photo of the day – November 27, 2012 – Flickr Edition

It’s been a while since I posted a random photo.  Just been behind on a few things.  In any case, here is an oldy.  It snowed a bit today, and reminded me of some older snow scenes that I’ve taken. And looking through my older shots, I saw this one.

Shot with my old Pentax K10D and Pentax’s DA 10-17mm Fisheye.


Pentax K10D
Pentax DA 10-17mm FE
10 mm
ISO 400


Shooting snowy scenes always gives me this calming effect, the quietness, the serenity of everything after a fresh snow fall gives you this peace from with in.  At least with me.  I hope you enjoyed.

Random Flickr Photo of the Day

Another shot from 2009, I had a lot of time then, as the company I worked for cut back our hours so that everyone can stay employed, and not have anyone get laid off, so to make good use of that extra found free day, I did some photography.  I should honestly find a way to do this again, even if it’s a few shots a day.  I do tend to get rusty, and looking at my shot list this year, it’s severely down from my usual 10k or shots a year.

Anyway, this shot was from a fine spring day in Central Park, NYC, it was quite gloomy, but I still somehow managed to squeeze off a few shots. This particular frame is a weeping willow, somewhere in the park.  I did some processing fun with Lightroom, and managed to produce this.

Weeping Willow

Pentax K-20D | Pentax DA-10-14mm FE

1/160 sec – F/16

In addition to my random Flickr Photos, I will start posting my shot with the most hits of the day.

Today’s shot is the lovely Jessica Nigri interviewing a fellow cos-playing as Super Saiyajin 3 Son Gokou of Dragon Ball Z.

Jessica Nigri W/ SSJ3 Gokou

This was shot during last years New York Comic Con.