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Random photo of the day – September 18, 2013

My Nigri and Friends (WIGN)

Not sure why, but in the past month, or so, but this photos has gotten over 1500 hits. Is Jessica Nigri with Pez Garfield of WIGN fame, but it’s not the best one either. Quite confused.

Jessica Nigri

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24-70mm
28 mm
ISO 400

Nigri For a Cause.

We all love Jessica Nigri. A beautiful girl that loves video games and cosplaying. Damn.

Philip DeFranco, one of my favorite YouTubers, is starting a new project. And to help kickstart said project, he filmed with Jessica Nigri.

Be prepared for some tight-clothed awesomeness.

Most viewed Flickr photo of the day – September 17, 2012

And today’s most viewed photograph on my Flickr photostream with a whopping 6 views is….

Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri posing with Garfield.

Again this was from last year’s New York City Comic Con.  And what’s up with the Pez Garfield you may ask.  Well, see for yourself.  Where is Garfield now?

Random Flickr Photo of the Day

Another shot from 2009, I had a lot of time then, as the company I worked for cut back our hours so that everyone can stay employed, and not have anyone get laid off, so to make good use of that extra found free day, I did some photography.  I should honestly find a way to do this again, even if it’s a few shots a day.  I do tend to get rusty, and looking at my shot list this year, it’s severely down from my usual 10k or shots a year.

Anyway, this shot was from a fine spring day in Central Park, NYC, it was quite gloomy, but I still somehow managed to squeeze off a few shots. This particular frame is a weeping willow, somewhere in the park.  I did some processing fun with Lightroom, and managed to produce this.

Weeping Willow

Pentax K-20D | Pentax DA-10-14mm FE

1/160 sec – F/16

In addition to my random Flickr Photos, I will start posting my shot with the most hits of the day.

Today’s shot is the lovely Jessica Nigri interviewing a fellow cos-playing as Super Saiyajin 3 Son Gokou of Dragon Ball Z.

Jessica Nigri W/ SSJ3 Gokou

This was shot during last years New York Comic Con.

Getting to 1k.

I have such trivial goals in life, one of which is to get this photo of the lovely Jessica Nigri  to 1,000 hits.  I shot this photo at last years New York Comic Con, it’s kinda shitty if you ask me, but 2 things happened.

1. I got to meet Jessica Nigri

2. I was able to photograph Jessica Nigri.

Like I said, trivial goals.  Maybe sometime in the future, I may be able to do a full photo shoot of/with her.

Please the 10’s of readers that we have (and that’s being optimistic), help my photo get to 1k.

Jessica Nigri