Earworm: Katy Perry – Hot N Cold

An old favorite, since they’ve been playing her new single ‘Roar’, it sort of brought me back 5 years ago when this song was her big hit (OMG it’s been five years already?!).  I sort of have an attachment to this song, since at the time, I was going through some relationship woes, and I saw myself as the guy that she was talking about.  Anyway, here’s the video.  Enjoy!


Top 30 Songs of All Time: #26 “Heartstrings” by Mitchell Grey

A young band, a great band. You guys that have been following my posts in particular should know from my Earworms that I like to listen to many, many, many different things.

This band was introduced to me by the same YouTube singer that introduced me to the John Mayer song I posted about yesterday. She did a cover with Mitchell Grey, and I loved the guy’s voice so much.

The song is about letting go of past relationships, something I believe people have trouble with.

The music video to this song is really special to me. The urban scenes were shot in my old stomping grounds of Elmhurst; Queens NYC, New York. The red awning? Top Line Supermarket. The park? Broadway park.  I’d know the look of those apartment bricks if my eyes were closed. *AFTERTHOUGHT: I FREAKING HATE THE BOYFRIEND’S HAIR. THE HELL IS THAT RAT SHIT?*