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Jezza’s Digital Follies: Thompson Bucks County Classic

This is probably one of my favorite events to spectate let alone shoot.  The last few years or should I say the first 3 years of me watching / shooting this event, I have been more of a spectator than a photographer.  You could also say I got a bit lazy and just wanted to enjoy the weekend.  This year I wanted to focus more on the photography and try to enjoy it as much, and I’m glad I went that direction.  I think I enjoyed it more watching the race unfold through my finder rather than watching and capturing snap shots casually with whatever camera I happen to have available.


Random Flickr photo of the day – October 10, 2012

Night Runners

Disney Marathoners pounding away the miles at a desserted Walt Disney World. I spot them as we speed by in the monorail. A quick but difficult shot, hardly any light, lots of movement, but I managed to keep it steady enough to make the shot half intesting. This is merely the beginning of their journey, as well as mine.

Night Runners

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24mm
24 mm
ISO 4000