2016 Thompson Bucks County Classic – Part 1


Men's Amateur Racers speeding through the streets of Doylestown

Men’s Amateur Racers speeding through the streets of Doylestown

As I mentioned in my last article (seen here), the Thompson Bucks County Classic is one of my favorite events to watch in person every year. The action is fast and furious, and every year as the crowds get bigger, the electricity and the energy just gets multiplied with each passing lap. This year there were 4 races that took place. The Amateur Men’s kicked the day off, followed by the Kid’s Races.  Also, the Classic’s first ever Lenape Scorcher Race took place. (the bikes known as Penny Farther, or Big Front Wheels)


And then we have our Pro Women’s, and Pro Men’s. Of course, in the center of all this action was the Doylestown Arts fest. Sadly, Alvin and I were not able to really soak in the Arts fest for one reason or another. It did seem fun, and definitely a lot activity taking place as we walked through the fest a few times to get from one place to the next.

Early specators

Early spectators

In years past, I really just approached the weekend as a spectator, taking in the sights and sounds. In the last few years though, I have been taken up in capturing the event, trying to share the joy I get when I watch the race unfold before my eyes. (more…)

Alvin’s Digital Follies – The 2016 Thompson Bucks County Classic

"Feeling the heat (in more ways than one...)" 2016 Thompson Bucks County Classic, Doylestown, PA

“Feeling the heat (in more ways than one…)” 2016 Thompson Bucks County Classic, Doylestown, PA


I apologize for taking so long to post since the teaser I put up in Snappy Friday.  My son and I had spent the weekend in the state of Pennsylvania to meet up with our friend, JP.  Yes, a road trip!  I do love road trips!  The reason for this road trip?  It was to try my hand at taking some sports photography, namely, the Thompson Bucks County Classic!


Jezza’s Digital Follies: Thompson Bucks County Classic

This is probably one of my favorite events to spectate let alone shoot.  The last few years or should I say the first 3 years of me watching / shooting this event, I have been more of a spectator than a photographer.  You could also say I got a bit lazy and just wanted to enjoy the weekend.  This year I wanted to focus more on the photography and try to enjoy it as much, and I’m glad I went that direction.  I think I enjoyed it more watching the race unfold through my finder rather than watching and capturing snap shots casually with whatever camera I happen to have available.


Fans take over..

In light of the recent event’s that has happened in Boston, some unity and solidarity was shown at tonight’s Boston Bruins game.  During the National Anthem, Rene Rancourt started off the first few verses, but the crowd quickly took over.  This gave me shills when I heard it on the radio, and when I just saw the video now.


Chant’s of U-S-A filled the arena right after the anthem.

Boston Marathon Tragedy

I pulled this from a friends FB page. Thanks for whoever made this

I pulled this from a friends FB page. Thanks for whoever made this.

Tragedy struck today at around the 4 hour mark at this years Boston marathon.  I got word around 4:30 ish, and seeing the video shortly there after is gut wrenching.  It’s just a shame that there are monsters out there, that do such horrific things.  It’s still unknown (as of a few hours ago, I’m not sure if there any more news that came about) as to who did this, if it’s international or domestic.  I’ve photographed a few marathons in the past, and it is such an inspiring event.  Seeing people, young and old, try to conquer this physically demanding event, and something like this happens.

I cannot express how angry I am when I see such travesties happen.  We as a human race should just grow the fuck up.  Innocent by-standers, enjoying a nice day, watching their loved ones, their friends trying to accomplish something that’s one of the most physically demanding activity one can do, cheering, having a great time, but instead end up in a nightmare.  I have family up in Beantown, and luckily, they were not affected.

On behalf of myself JP (JezzaNorris), John (NekkedSnake), and Pat (Cheesecake), we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to those that were affected by this brutish action.

Tomb Raider is here!




After some odd system’s malfunctions at Best Buy, I finally picked up my collectors edition Tomb Raider, as well as the Limited edition guide.  After I get a quick bite to eat, I will be doing the un-boxing video, and playing it for a bit, then reporting back to you guys initial impressions.

Stay Tuned


Pacquiao Down

I’m shocked. Bewildered and shocked. The first 8-division world champion, arguably one of boxing’s greatest, was put to sleep last night.

As a Filipino, it becomes a holiday when a Pacquiao fight comes around. We all gather at someone’s apartment or house or wherever and we feast until the main bout comes by. We sit there watching intently, screaming and shrieking and clapping and punching while our guy is winning.

Such is the case of the night of December 8th, 2012. While it technically was December 9th on the east coast, I’ll try not to confuse anyone.

Pacquiao was winning. Undoubtedly. He knocked down Marquez and put a beat down on him. According to his corner guy, however, Manny was straying away from the plan. I have a feeling Manny was right to stray away from the plan. But when he didn’t, boom. Lights out.

Manny was in the midst of flurries and just pounding an injured Marquez (broken nose, trouble breathing) that entire 6th round. He picked up the pace and went in for a kill shot last second. Too bad he was on the receiving end of that killshot. In a last ditch effort, Marquez tried to throw his signature right. The thunderous shot nailed Pacquiao. Next thing you know, we’re all gasping and silent, watching Jinkee Pacquiao rushing to the ring in tears.

How could this have happened to our main man? Why didn’t Pacman just back out? Why did he have to fight Marquez a fourth time? He won 2 out of 3 anyway!

I expect a fifth fight. Pacquiao can’t let this be his last.

Random Flickr photo of the day – October 19, 2012

Shower scene.

This was taken during Run-A-Muck back in 2010.  It was a fun event, and I should seek one out and shoot one again.

These were some of the participants taking a shower after their run.

Shower scene

Nikon D700
Nikkor 60mm
60 mm
ISO 1600