Taylor Swift

Earworm: “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran. I love this guy. Millions of da chicas love this guy. His album, +, has received commercial success worldwide and his songs are blaring on most pop radio stations, Satellite or standard FM or otherwise.

His first single, The A Team, peaked at number one. This song is his follow up single. It peaked at number 4, and I like it so much better, just because the songs have such contrasting sounds.

You Need Me is nothing like the A Team, actually. It’s no ‘pity on the beautiful hooker’ song, it’s a, ‘screw you, I’m me’ song. Fantastic, really.

Here’s the music video. Get at it.

Taylor Swift – Trouble: Goat edition

This is not really an earworm, but something funny and to break up the dullness of the day. I saw this a few day’s ago, and it’s been making the rounds across the interwebs. I even heard it this AM on the Scott & Todd Morning show on WPLJ. Everytime you hear the original song, you can’t help but think of this version.


Earworm: My Life – .50 Cent Gt. Eminem & Adam Levine

I first the heard Eminem‘s distinct rap as I was half listening to the radio a few day’s ago.  I looked at the song title on my SiriusXM and I saw ‘ My Life – .50 Cent, Eminem, Adam Levine.  I was taken aback for a second, and had to rewind the song.  Now after listening to it a few times since, at first I was sort of disappointed with Fitty’s opening rap, but then he did pick it up in his second one.  Em’s is as alway’s good, and I guess, it’s not so weird with Maroon 5‘s Adam Levine doing the hook, as Eminem has done collaborations with Taylor Swift and Dido in the past.  All in all is a good song, and it’s nice to see .50 back.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN4fNaUAMbA]

Earworm: “Bohemian Raphsody” – Queen

While at work today, we were just randomly humming songs, and basically just singing or well yelling out random lyrics to whatever song that first pops into our head based off on what was said last.  Our office manager started humming Bohemian Raphsody, and we all just started singing it.  So finally my co-worker puts it on, and after hearing it again for who know’s how many times, it’s still an awesome and amazing song.  Possibly one of the best songs out there.  It has so many elements to it, and it truly is a timeless piece.

This got me thinking, how come bands like Queen aren’t around anymore.  Instead we get rubbish canned, thoughtless music that’s basically written to be catchy and sell millions, but seriously you get tired of it after a week, and even if you hear it some years later, it still sucks.  I don’t think there’s a song that’s been released in the last few years that’s really stood out for me, and well, be a classic.  I’m sure there is, but what’s been played on air, not much. I got these thoughts also due to ‘A Dose of Buckley’s‘ latest list, of Most Horrible Songs of 2012, and I totally agree with his list, it’s all garbage, and it’s a shame that these artists are making money off of these poor quality songs.  The actual good stuff that’s worth listening to gets drowned out by the likes of  ‘Gangnam Style’, and whatever Taylor Swift releases or what not.  Not entirely bad per say, but it’s not going to be a classic in the future.  I listen to the 90’s and the Pulse on Sirius XM, and some of the song’s that we’re hits back then, you hear them now, and you’re like “WTF, I liked this shit?” In any case, this song made it to # 163 on Rolling Stones top 500 songs list.  Shame, it should have been higher.

Enjoy the song…

And also this was Buckley’s List.