Earworm: X Ambassadors – Renegades

So this song has been plaguing my subconscious for some time now since it has been used in the Jeep Renegade commercial.  I think that vehicle is ugly, but I am thankful for it’s existence since it has introduced me to this wonderful earworm worthy song.

Enjoy the harmonious harmony of  XA


Earworm: Freebird – Lynard Skynard

A friend of mine from FB, let’s call her Vementha, posted a few lyrics from this legendary song, and well, it’s now an earworm. The awesome instrumental riff in the back end of this song takes me back to Guitar Hero 2, and it’s awesome getting all the notes perfect. I wish I could take the time to learn it on an actual guitar though.
Anyway, enjoy this live version from 2003.

Earworm: “Bohemian Raphsody” – Queen

While at work today, we were just randomly humming songs, and basically just singing or well yelling out random lyrics to whatever song that first pops into our head based off on what was said last.  Our office manager started humming Bohemian Raphsody, and we all just started singing it.  So finally my co-worker puts it on, and after hearing it again for who know’s how many times, it’s still an awesome and amazing song.  Possibly one of the best songs out there.  It has so many elements to it, and it truly is a timeless piece.

This got me thinking, how come bands like Queen aren’t around anymore.  Instead we get rubbish canned, thoughtless music that’s basically written to be catchy and sell millions, but seriously you get tired of it after a week, and even if you hear it some years later, it still sucks.  I don’t think there’s a song that’s been released in the last few years that’s really stood out for me, and well, be a classic.  I’m sure there is, but what’s been played on air, not much. I got these thoughts also due to ‘A Dose of Buckley’s‘ latest list, of Most Horrible Songs of 2012, and I totally agree with his list, it’s all garbage, and it’s a shame that these artists are making money off of these poor quality songs.  The actual good stuff that’s worth listening to gets drowned out by the likes of  ‘Gangnam Style’, and whatever Taylor Swift releases or what not.  Not entirely bad per say, but it’s not going to be a classic in the future.  I listen to the 90’s and the Pulse on Sirius XM, and some of the song’s that we’re hits back then, you hear them now, and you’re like “WTF, I liked this shit?” In any case, this song made it to # 163 on Rolling Stones top 500 songs list.  Shame, it should have been higher.

Enjoy the song…

And also this was Buckley’s List.

Earworm: “My Body” by Young the Giant

Nothing but good things have been spewing from the depths of Spotify’s radio station based off of artist Foster the People (except for the occasional Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj garbage due to Foster the People’s mainstream popularity).

My listening to Young the Giant is a byproduct of my listening to Foster the People. And I don’t regret it.

The song that’s been festering in my mind for a bit now is My Body.

On their Remix EP, the song is remixed by one of my favorite bands, Two Door Cinema Club.

Earworm: “Powerless” by Linkin Park

Oh, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. You’ve left many people, including the Big Cheese, powerless. In fact, I only got my power back today. So yes, our dear dedicated followers, the apologies for not really posting anything palatable in the last few days. Anyway.

Today’s Earworm will be my second LP ‘worm. It’s a good song, really. Off their new album Living Things.

Although the song’s meaning has nothing to do with electrical problems, the title of the song pretty much sums up what’s going on to most of the north east that has been affected by the dreaded super-storm, no matter how long the power had been out. I for one lost power for about 3 days. The Big Cheese has had no power for 4 days and counting. Everyone hope he’s safe, because he and I just want to get back to playing Resident Evil 6. (Little hint there, take note that you should expect a “Game Corner” from us soon.)


Earworm: “Paradise” by Coldplay

A really good mix of electronic beats with Chris Martin’s soothing Brit-rock voice. Can’t be beaten.

It’s been played to death by the radio, but it still has a place in my music library. I still love this song. Damn.

Some special meaning behind this post, as well. I’m posting this about 4 days after the 1st anniversary of the release of this amazing song.

Earworm: “Hurricane” by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Ah, Thirty Seconds to Mars. Your lyrics are enthralling and exciting and ignite that curiosity in your audience. A lot of people like to question the lyrics from any band, and some just like to memorize the lyrics and sing them by heart. With a lot of the songs from the album This Is War, you can only memorize certain lyrics due to the complexity. Lyrics that get stuck in your head and resound over and over and over again. That makes Hurricane today’s Earworm. These lyrics. Just… Echo.

“Tell me would you kill, to save a life?
Tell me would you kill, to prove you’re right?
Crash crash
Burn, let it all burn.
This hurricane chases us all under ground.

No matter how many deaths that I die, I will never forget.
No matter how many lives that I live, I will never regret.
There is a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode in flames.
Where is your God?
Where is your God?
Where is your God?”

Those are the lyrics I pretty much know by heart, of course the first stanza is the chorus.

Here’s the short film that is the music video for Hurricane. (WARNING: NSFW DUE TO NUDITY, PARTIAL NUDITY, VIOLENCE, AND GRAPHIC SEXUAL DEPICTIONS)

And here is the lyric video.