If I had a beard, I’d buy from them.

Okay, quite honestly, this is one of the greatest commercials I’ve ever seen. Potentially, if the company went all out and expanded on these commercials, it could run alongside those Old Spice commercials with Isaiah Mustafa and Terry Crews.
The commercial pokes fun at Gillette and Schick and all those other brand name razor companies. I don’t have much facial hair, so I don’t particularly pay attention to the prices of these products. But I know they can be pretty expensive, am I right?

This commercial just tells the truth, and is the funniest commercial I’ve seen for a while.

One comment

  1. I should try this. the commercial is funny. the $1 cartridge is very basic. I might have to go for the 4x or the executive. Tho, I rarely shave,I have a stubble razor.
    BUT if you do shave, your face usually dictates on what you use. the Fusion series by Gillette has been my ‘it’ razor for a while. and I buy cartridges like once a year. lol.

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