Month: September 2012

Nigri For a Cause.

We all love Jessica Nigri. A beautiful girl that loves video games and cosplaying. Damn.

Philip DeFranco, one of my favorite YouTubers, is starting a new project. And to help kickstart said project, he filmed with Jessica Nigri.

Be prepared for some tight-clothed awesomeness.

New Star Wars Trilogy?

Just saw this on my news feed on my FB, and clicked on the link.  I nope this is all true, because this news excites me.

Something a Mets fan can be proud about.

Being a Mets fan for all my life, I’ve seen them do great, tremendous even. I’ve seen them one step away from the pedestal of victory. I’ve shed tears of despair. I’ve seen their collapse and all the more recent struggles the Flushing bats have gone through.

Winning isn’t everything, but it is important. The Mets haven’t won a World Series since 1986, but they’ve been so close. A fan doesn’t just take pride in winning, however. Especially if you’re a Mets fan. It’s a rare event to be proud of them winning, because of the rarity of a win.

But this year, even if the Mets haven’t made it to the playoffs, this year is a proud year.

First, Johan Santana threw the first no-hitter in Mets history.

Then, knuckleballer R.A. Dickey throws several one-hit games, unbelievably close to a no-no every time.

But Dickey was consistent. He won. Numerous times. 20 times, in fact. The guy became an ace. The Mets’ go-to starter. Dickey is the first Mets pitcher in 22 years to be a 20 game winner. That’s something a Mets fan can be proud about. Even through all the struggles, the years since a playoff berth, the World Series championship drought… With this bright (but lets face it, a soon to be fading) light named R.A. Dickey, we can be proud.

Read more at NY Times. Here’s a link.

Random Flickr photo of the day – September 28, 2012

This was sort of an ad I did for a friend of a friend that owned a bakery. We did an impromtpu shoot of her cakes and what not, some of it ended up in their website. I wasn’t commisioned to do the ad, but I thought it would’ve been fun anyway, and this particular picture was one of my favorites from that shoot.

Sadly, the product itself is not edible, as it was simply made to look pretty.

You know you want it...

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24-70mm

I have the best luck.

I love video games. The Big Cheese got me into those addictive little nuggets of happiness.

I have so many memories with Nintendo’s DS line. I received a silver Nintendo DS for my birthday, a few years back. Somewhere along the line, I found a beautifully perfect, white Nintendo DS Lite.

I played my Pokemon games to death on those two beasts, but after my DS Lite broke, I was left without a portable gaming system. Two years, I’ve gone without splurging or asking for a new Nintendo DS, but my PS3 is most likely to be held accountable for that. My PS3 is the only gaming platform (besides my Android phone and computer) that I own and use on a regular basis. I do have a Nintendo GameCube stagnantly seated next to my PS3, however.

Anyway, today brought back some of those memories. The rage-quitting, the pride in finally defeating a gym leader, the shouts of excitement after winning a race in Mario Kart DS, the funny and often inappropriate drawings on PictoChat, the amazing, destructive fun of Bomberman…

What brought such awesome memories back, you ask? Well… Much like how I found the white Nintendo DS Lite, I found myself a white Nintendo DSi. An oldie, but at least it isn’t oversized, like the new 3DSXL or DSiXL.

I’m so happy. Time to break out the Pokemon Platinum and Diamond. Gonna catch me some weird Sinnoh Pokemon.

Random Flickr photo of the Day – September 27, 2012

I love macro photography, not so much as taking close up of bugs, and other tiny objects, which, don’t get me wrong, I also love to do, but, taking photos of normal sized things, but much much closer.

Like today’s RFPD.

Eye have it

Nikon D700
Micro Nikkor 60MM
1/100 sec.

Random Flickr photo of the day – September 26, 2012

One of the shots from my failed 365 set. This was close to my house, and as I driving, I happen to look that way, and saw some nice colours due to the setting sun. I stopped real quickly, and pulled out my Pentax K10D, and take a couple of frames.

Now I should’ve taken some 10 minutes and carefully shot it instead of just shooting it from inside my car. I’m overall not that pleased with the shot.

At the time thought I was still really learning more than anything else.

Sunset Power lines

Pentax K10D
1/6 sec.
28 mm
ISO 800

Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark 7

I like it, it’s not overly different from the Mark 6, which I have, but it’s different enough to make it look new and refreshed. I think it is a bit more angulared than the previous generation, more sleek looking. I’m not sure if I like the single red accent on the bottom of the grille which extends to the head lights.

I do like the fact that they colour matched the lower part of the front fascia, which they dind’t do with the Mark 6’s. Some owners colour match it, and I think looks more aesthetically pleasing. The only other thing that I’m not too crazy about is how the fins extend to the fog lights. Overall, I think the face has this mischeivous grin look to it, and it suits the personality of the car well.

Volkswagen GTI Mark 7

Volkswagen GTI Mark 7

I also like the new look Detroit/Huff’s. I’m not sure what city they are going to be naming these new wheels after, but they do keep that same unique and distinct look. The stock wheels by far gets the most attention. I’ve been asked a lot if they are aftermarket or custom wheels, and more often than not, it grabs the attention of on-lookers, and that usually starts off the conversation about the car itself.

With an all new platform, and some weight reduction from the use of lighter weight materials, the Mark 7 GTI will sure be a blast to drive, just as it was to drive the previous generations. I’m entering 1 year of ownership with my Mark 6, and it still gives me a smile on my face everytime I get behind the wheel.

Earworm: “Stay” by Hurts

Ah, right in the feels.

I am a Whovian. A few months ago, through the fandom, I heard this song. It’s a great song, really. I can’t say that I don’t like it.

But the pain in this song is made more obvious through the fan made music video. There’s no use in explaining it if you haven’t watched the series, and I do highly suggest you watch. It’s brilliant. Fantastic. Bring a banana, because the show is a party. Geronimo! Jump right into it, don’t hesitate. Season 7 part 1 is ending this weekend, and I do not want to miss it.

Here is the official music video:

And here is the fan-made, Doctor Who themed video:

Random Flickr Photo of the Day – September 25, 2012

One of my favorite spots to eat at in NYC’s Chinatown. It’s by no way means a fancy place. You have to walk down a set of steps to enter, and it’s not that pretty on the inside. Very basic decor of chairs and tables, but, it’s the food that count’s, and they do have some delectable selections.

My personal favorite, the salted fried squid, salt fried pork chop, snails, and young chow fried rice. The lemon fried chicken is freakin’ awesome too.

Anthony Bourdain also likes this place, he featured it on his show ‘No Reservations’, I think saying that it’s one of the few old school traditional places that’s still around.

In any case, it’s a must place to visit when you are in NYC.

Hop Kee

Nikon D700
Nikkor 24mm
24 mm
ISO 4000