Day: August 10, 2012

Bourne again?

I am going to watch the premiere of Bourne Legacy tonight.  Quite excited as I’ve been waiting for this to be released. Disappointed that it’s not Matt Damon but it does open it up for an uber Bourne movie in the future with Matt and Jeremy. Our review to come this weekend.

Pikes Peak Climb Dance

Pikes Peak hill climb will be happening soon, and to celebrate this joyous event, I give you the Climb Dance.  A classic footage of masterful car control.

source – Top Gear UK  –


No big deal, I’ll just jump down this huge gap to motivate a total stranger.
Yes, that is what this crazy Latino man did for a random skateboarder, filming for a video part.
The guy was THAT crazy, that he broke his ankle for a stranger. Next time you’re afraid to do something big, remember this guy. REMEMBER HIM.
Watch the video, okay?
Cheesecake note: Do not try this at home, by the way.

What really happens after you trade in your stuff at Game Stop

I doubt anyone has ever really wondered what happens to the stuff you either trade in or sell at Game Stop for about 1/3 of the price you originally paid for. (or +30% if you are a rewards member, excluding hardware)

BUT in case your that one person that did wonder, well wonder no more.  Kotaku has posted such information, so now, maybe YOU can sleep a little more soundly at night.

Really? Another blog?

Yeah, I did this before, and kept it up for about a month, but I was too scared of maintaining it on my own personal site.  Why do it again?  What’s different this time?  Well, I am employing my cousin as a co-editor to help with the content this time, and also, I am doing it through WordPress instead of my own domain/site, hence making maintenance a tad easier.  We will try to inform everyone of useless info, pointless pics, and perhaps, something useful and maybe even educational.  We can’t make promises though.  And seeing as it’s Friday……



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