Day: August 31, 2012

Getting to 1k.

I have such trivial goals in life, one of which is to get this photo of the lovely Jessica Nigri  to 1,000 hits.  I shot this photo at last years New York Comic Con, it’s kinda shitty if you ask me, but 2 things happened.

1. I got to meet Jessica Nigri

2. I was able to photograph Jessica Nigri.

Like I said, trivial goals.  Maybe sometime in the future, I may be able to do a full photo shoot of/with her.

Please the 10’s of readers that we have (and that’s being optimistic), help my photo get to 1k.

Jessica Nigri

Earworm: Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

I don’t need to give much introduction to this song.  My GF mentioned it a few days ago in a text, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this song, and the video.

The song is just as amazing as his dance moves.

and just for fun, the VH1 Pop Up Video

Sorry, but I just Rick Rolled y’all =P.