Day: September 14, 2012

Random Flickr photo of the day – September 14, 2012

Nothing special on this shot, just a quick test on how my then new Canon Powershot S95 would handle low light situations.  It handled it pretty damn well.  Prior to me getting the S95, I never cared much for point and shoots. But I got tired of lugging either my Nikon D700, or Pentax K20, so to relieve myself of carrying around bulky DSLR’s I did some research, and found the S95 to be a good grab and go shooter.  I am pretty much in love with this little monster, and I will not hesitate to recommend this or any of it’s successors to anyone.  Time and again, this has captured images just as good as my 2 DSLR’s, granted it’s still limited, but still packs a punch.


As you can see on the photo below, it captured the night scene fairly well.

Night shot

Canon Powershot s95
Full auto


Now, I may or may not be able to post for the next few days.

Have a good weekend everyone!