Day: September 6, 2012

Back to school. Ugh.

It’s that time of year again here in good ole NY State. Probably most of the US, but… Well… Yeah. So.
Back to school time. Really not my favorite time of the year. It’s stressful. All the parents are rushing to Staples to grab the supplies, clogging the highways to finally rid their houses of their college-bound sons and/or daughters. Meanwhile, the non-veteran students are frantically jogging to class, trying to make a good first impression.
What shocks me about this time of year is that many high school freshmen don’t realize that it is a chance to reinvent themselves. Change your image for the better. Forget the peer pressure and be you. And high school is the perfect place to express yourself! There are bound to be at least tens of kids with the same interest. If you don’t mix in well with a group of kids, who cares? Be that universal guy. Attack all sides of life, people.
I’ve never been a normal kid. I’ve always been weirder and more unusual than most. I’m one of those universal guys. I can mix in with the likes of anyone. There’s no reason to be afraid of tackling new horizons.
Oh, you’re not afraid of making friends? You’re terrified of the workload? Trust me, everyone is. I’m taking a college level course this year. It hasn’t even been a whole week of school yet, and I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the curriculum. But it isn’t a reason to not accept the challenge. It’s a way to better yourself.
Do you have your own thoughts on back to school season? Do you have any advice for the incoming freshies and new students? Leave some comments down below and make sure to like this post!

Earworm: School week special – “O.P.P.” Naughty By Nature

I am down with O.P.P.  even though you may not know me. Sorry couldn’t resist.  I remember this song back in grade school.  I didn’t get to listen to rap/hip-hop much back in those days, so I never really got appreciate it back then. Anywhoo, I just remember walking through the halls of my school back in 7th grade when this song came out.  Not sure why, but I just does.

I just wish hip-hop was still this good.  I find myself listening to more stuff from the 90’s and early 2000’s than the stuff they have out now.  This song also, samples Jackson 5’s ABC, which in itself is a time-less classic, and I think to me anyway, this song too is a time-less classic.

Anyway, enjoy the good harmonies, and beats.



Most viewed Flickr photo of the day

And today’s most viewed photograph from my Flickr photostream with a whopping 5 views is….

Duela Dent

Oh yeah, very sexy. I’d like to see her without the make up.

 Again, like yesterday’s photo, this was shot at last years New York Comic Con.  At first I thought she was a femme-Joker, but I was quickly told it was Duela Dent.

I can’t wait for the Comic Con this year.  Hopefully we will bring you some awesome images, and maybe even some video.

Random Flickr Photo of the Day

Still digging through my 2009 pool. I sure as hell shot a lot that year. This was a bookstore located in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, PA. It’s at the very end of the market, and I found it out of place. Practically a market place full of food, and at the very end, stands a lonely book store. I processed it in black and white as I think it just adds some drama to the shot itself.

Maybe I should re-process it and add some grain, and some more hardness to it.

Book store