Day: September 20, 2012

Random Flickr Photo of the Day – September 20, 2012

Cheesecake is probably my single most favorite piece of dessert, EVER.  I need to have different cheesecakes at different places whenever possible.  I’ve had hundreds of slices all over, and while some are better than others, nothing really stood out.  None was perfect, until that faithful weekend in May of 2009.  It was during a trip to Philadelphia, to eat at Morimoto’s restaurant, we had some hours to kill before our scheduled reservations for dinner that night, so my friend and I took a tour around Philly.  We stumbled upon Darling’s Famous Homemade cheesecakes, and I just needed to try this place.  They had a variety of flavours, but I ended up picking the Banana’s Foster Cheesecake.  I also have a thing for Banana flavoured foods.

That first bite was just magical, I have found at the time the perfect cheesecake.  It’s funny too, that I found it in Philly, and not in NYC.  Each silky smooth creamy bite easily glided down my throat, that hint of banana flavour tickling my taste buds, just utter epic-ness.  Dare I say, I had a mini-crisis while eating this perfection.  I must admit, it wasn’t much too look at, but like a book, never judge it by it’s cover.

Banana's foster cheesecake

Pure Epic-ness
Nikon D700
Nikkor 24mm
1/200 sec.
ISO 1600


Sadly, this was unseated earlier this year as the best cheesecake.  That throne now belongs to a place up in Vancouver.  Maybe another time, i’ll tell you about it.

Earworm: 80’s Theme’s Edition – Mask, Silver Hawks, Bravestarr, Defenders of the Earth

Continuing with our Earworm Cartoon’s Tehem’s  Edition, we start off with M.A.S.K. or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand.  They went against the evil criminal organization called V.E.N.O.M or Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem.

What’s cool about this cartoon was that the vehicles can turn into other vehicles, like M.A.S.K.’s leader Matt Trakker’s Camaro can transform into a plane.  The drivers,  also wore Masks with special abilities.  I can’t remember much, but it was quite entertaining, and the toy’s were super cool too.




Next up is Silver Hawks.  Basically space cops fighting space mob’s.  They were partly metal and partly real. The theme to this was catchy, really catchy, and I think ranks 2nd in my list of cartoon theme’s (Bionic Six ranks 1st).

The cartoon was also essentially a space version of Thunder Cats.



Next up is Bravestarr.  A futuristic cowboy with the strength of a bear, eyes of the hawk, speed of a puma, ears of a wolf  and the kicker, a kick ass horse for a partner, as a kid, sounds like a winner.  The theme is not as catchy as the above, but hey, still gives me nostalgic chills whenever I hear it.



And lastly, Defenders of the Earth.  Basically a team featuring characters from Kings Features Syndicate comics.  I never got to see this in it’s original run, but thank goodness for syndication, re-runs were showed in the 90’s and even though I was older, I still enjoyed watching it.  The theme is pretty kick ass too.







Earworm (Cartoon Themes): “Gotta Catch Em All!” Pokémon Theme Song.

This theme song is one of the very best. Like no one’s ever was. It caught all fans. Sorry. Getting too corny here. Pokémon is hands down one of my all time favorite shows. This theme song is insanely catchy. Prepare to be Earwormed. (Although I couldn’t quote exactly find the real video to accompany this wonderful example of my childhood, this should suffice.)

[Edit: added video – Big Cheese]

And the full version.