Day: September 5, 2012

Earworm: School week special-“…Baby One More Time” Britney Spears

Continuing with our Earworm school week special, is a song I endlessly listened to while I was in college.  At first I didn’t know who the hell Britney Spears was, and I didn’t really care much for the song whenever I heard it on the radio.  But then, while getting ready for a late day class, I had on MTV, (or was it MTV2?) and they played the music video for …Baby One More Time.  I was pretty much mesmerized from there on in, and my love affair (yes, I am confessing that I was a huge fan of Ms. Spears) for Britney Spears started.  Can you blame me though? I mean the video starts off with her dressed up as a catholic school girl.  I was a closet fan, always turning down the radio in the car whenever one of her songs came on, or just never really paying attention in public.  Now, I really don’t care, even my co-worker Marky Mark admits to it, and we both were singing this very song when it came on SiriusXM’s 90’s on 9 station.  She’s hot, and I am a man, do the math. LoL

Anyhow, this song really reminds me of my early days in college, sitting in my accounting classes, which was long and drawn out, and, well, thoughts of her and this song, and this video made some of those classes go by quicker.

By the way, my favorite part comes at around the 2:47 to 2:52.  Those hip gyrations still melt me to this day. =)

Random Flickr Photo of The Day

Thanksgiving, possibly my favorite holiday.  Food,football and Black Friday all form to make it one fantastical weekend.  I enjoy eating food as much as I like photographing them, and this particular one was our dessert selections for that night.  To the left was a caramel apple cheesecake a friend of mine made for me.  It was quite delectable, and is one of the best cheesecakes i’ve had.  To the right, pecan pie my mother made.  with the right amount of sweetness, it made for a great companion with coffee.  In essense this was the double team of dessert deliciousness.


Taken with a Nikon D700 with a Nikkor Micro 60mm F/2.8

Amazon joins up with Epix – Moar selections!

Awesome news, Amazon Prime just joined up with Epix.  In short us Amazon Prime Subscribers now have more videos to choose from.  Let’s be honest, Prime was sort of lacking compared to Netflix in the video department, BUT it does have other benefits, such as free shipping on orders, and a free book loaned to you every month. (I took advantage of that already by taking out the Hunger Games).

Now I feel even better for getting a Prime subscription rather than Netflix.

Thanks to Engadget for the news

Final Fantasy box set announced

Having played pretty about 60% of the major Final Fantasy Games, and being somewhat of a collector, I would so love this to be on my shelf, or storage bin in the basement.

Yes, I do have copies of the re-releases on PSOne, GBA, and whatever else system it came out for, this would still be a pretty major piece for a fan such as myself.  Is the hefty $450.00 price tag worth it though? For me, probably.  It would be so nice if square would just re-do the games to modern standards, but that would take massive amounts of money I am sure they are not willing to spend.  At least give us the best one of them all, Final Fantasy 6.  (yeah, sure, some of you will say FF7 is the best, but let’s not get into that).

FF7 has gotten more attention, with spin-off games, and a movie.  I just wish Square Enix would give us some fan service, and do something for the FF6 camp.

Anyway, it will hit Japanese stores on December 18th.  Who know’s if we will see it on our shores.

Thank you Engadget for the news

Final Fantasy 6 is the best one of them all PERIOD!

Earworm: “Math Suks” by Jimmy Buffett

Okay, I’ll admit. This song isn’t actually stuck in my head because of the tune. Quite frankly, I hate this song. It sucks just as badly as math does. My trigonometry teacher has a sign on her desk that says, “Math suks,” and at least 9 people asked about it. She had to explain it so many times that it has been implanted in my head. What a great memory for the first day of school.


[Big Cheese]-added video…kinda