Day: September 2, 2012

Earworm: “Goodnight Moon” by Go Radio.

Guys, I’m really sorry that I’ve been slacking on my posts. I went stagnant, had to deal with a bunch of kids this past weekend, and I really have to get back on my grind. So here it is, my Earworm for today.

Just a soothing tune, a song to calm the mind and relax with. A ballad for lovers and the hopelessly romantic.

But damn, is this a good song. Go Radio is a rock band from Florida, formed by former vocalist/guitarist/lyricist of Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster. The dude has an angelic voice, and I think that, along with the piano ringing in the background, makes the whole song.

I found out about this song way back when, around last Halloween, I believe. And I have never truly gotten rid of it in my mind.

(Yes, the children’s story, “Goodnight Moon,” inspired the song.)

Random Flickr photo of the day

I shot this sometime ago, it was quite a rainy day, and I didn’t get much shooting done cause of it.
I was trying out my Pentax M50 lens, possible one of my favorite lenses in my bag, so sharp, and poppy.
The bird caught my eye, as he’s trying to take some shelter underneath the chair from all this rain. I wish I could have gotten closer.



Taking shelter

Earworm: Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men

I’ve heard this song a few times over the last few days, and it’s been resonating in my head for some time now. Finally had a chance to look at the video, and it’s a bit trippy. I think everyone will enjoy it. The song is also, very soothing to say the least, to me anyway.