Day: September 1, 2012

Random Flickr Photo

I think every so often, i’ll just post up a random Flickr Photo from my photostream, maybe to showcase some of my work.  I seriously want to do more work as a photographer, and maybe this will be a good way for me to get my feet wet some more.

First up, I shot this photograph some years ago, having just picked up a Super Takumar 135mm Screw mount for my Pentax K10d. I was sitting in the couch at our old place in NY.  The result was a silhouette of this plant we had on the window sill with a super buttery smooth bokeh.

Super Tak

I should try to use this lens more.

Earworm – Brady Bunch Theme song(s)

Yeah, so, we were singing it at work yesterday.  I forget what song we were really ‘trying’ to sing, (and really sing(ing) is also loosely interpreted as just moans, hums, and random noises in the office) but somehow we always ended up with the Brady Bunch Theme.


Perhaps we should do a Earworm TV theme week….hmmmmm