Pacquiao Down

I’m shocked. Bewildered and shocked. The first 8-division world champion, arguably one of boxing’s greatest, was put to sleep last night.

As a Filipino, it becomes a holiday when a Pacquiao fight comes around. We all gather at someone’s apartment or house or wherever and we feast until the main bout comes by. We sit there watching intently, screaming and shrieking and clapping and punching while our guy is winning.

Such is the case of the night of December 8th, 2012. While it technically was December 9th on the east coast, I’ll try not to confuse anyone.

Pacquiao was winning. Undoubtedly. He knocked down Marquez and put a beat down on him. According to his corner guy, however, Manny was straying away from the plan. I have a feeling Manny was right to stray away from the plan. But when he didn’t, boom. Lights out.

Manny was in the midst of flurries and just pounding an injured Marquez (broken nose, trouble breathing) that entire 6th round. He picked up the pace and went in for a kill shot last second. Too bad he was on the receiving end of that killshot. In a last ditch effort, Marquez tried to throw his signature right. The thunderous shot nailed Pacquiao. Next thing you know, we’re all gasping and silent, watching Jinkee Pacquiao rushing to the ring in tears.

How could this have happened to our main man? Why didn’t Pacman just back out? Why did he have to fight Marquez a fourth time? He won 2 out of 3 anyway!

I expect a fifth fight. Pacquiao can’t let this be his last.

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